Massage and Cupping Therapy at 2B Well
Tara Marie, LMT and Brandy Kasperski, LMT

Bamboo-Fusion Massage



Tara is a certified Bamboo-Fusion Therapist and received her training from the creator and master of Bamboo fusion massage Natalie Cecilia.

This luxurious new style of massage combines the supple yet resilient nature of bamboo with the therapeutic benefits of heat. Just like a hot stone massage uses actual stones, this service features a set of 8 all natural, 100% bamboo pieces smoothed into various shapes and sizes to target different muscles groups. The bamboo is warmed to just the right temperature to make this treatment perfect for anyone who desires deep tissue massage as well as someone looking to just drift away into ultimate relaxation.

Bamboo-Fusion Massage was created by Natalie Cecilia in 2004.  While working with a client who needed more pressure she had the idea to incorporate a bamboo stick into the session. Since then she has created the technique of using warm expertly crafted bamboo pieces during a massage.  The heated bamboo helps to penetrate deeper into the muscles and tissue while feeling luxurious and relaxing.

Please select "Therapeutic Massage" when scheduling online, then make sure to add "Bamboo-Fusion" as an enhancement to your appointment.



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